Friday, August 26, 2005

CNN is Hurricane Headquarters!

CNN is Hurricane Headquarters?

I wonder how this will affect “The Situation Room?” Katrina is gathering strength again in the Gulf of Mexico and barreling toward the panhandle of Florida. And, there’s a possibility that once it makes landfall, she could continue north and roll through Atlanta. Is this why the promotion people at CNN have rolled out the snazzy new graphic declaring CNN as Hurricane Headquarters?

There’s still time to build a new special set on the park outside CNN Headquarters for “The Situation Room.” It might be possible to put Wolf Blitzer “in a real situation” in the open air.

I wonder if CNN should expand its coverage of the Hurricane to treat this impending crisis more like the Cindy Sheehan story or the Iraq war? Why simply talk to experts like the Hurricane Center? That stuff is just too – “factual.” When you have noted experts like Begala, Carville, and Novak available to opine on absolutely any issue of the day, why not give viewers more to think about.

Imagine Carville explaining the Bush administration’s role in global warming, and how that is the reason that Florida has been hit yet again. Of course the other expert, Novak explaining earnestly the nation’s moral decline and laying the cause on punishment for eight years of debauchery during the Clinton administration. The argument – point counter point – could help Wolf organize his thoughts for presentation of the latest CNN poll on where Katrina will hit – and whether it will affect the Republicans in the 2006 election.

Who needs the Hurricane center at all?

Except maybe those who lie in the path of our latest disaster. I guess a factual presentation without opinion and partisan spin might well be a good idea for Hurricane coverage. Of course if it is, why wouldn’t it be good coverage of a war?