Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Media are like cattle

The Media are like cattle – It doesn’t take brilliance to start a stampede!

Is it me? Or do some of these major news crises seem contrived – even organized? Of course Cindy Sheehan comes to mind immediately.  I’m trying to figure out if Cindy Sheehan was first – or was the first player in this Crawford Texas soap opera.

I see that Joe Wilson is clawing his way back into the spotlight, now using Sheehan to attack Bush.  Hmmm…. Isn’t involved in the Valerie Plame – Carl Rove issue too?

Stuff like this can’t be coincidence.  I’m not a big conspiracy theory fan, and I don’t exactly see it as a conspiracy.  It’s more like a cattle stampede.

It doesn’t take any brilliance at all to get cattle running in a herd.  A bolt of lightning, a firecracker --- even a rock can set them off.  With the Sheehan story flowing fast and furious through all of the media (media like cattle aren’t particularly bright in picking their direction of stampeding) seems more like a “made for television news” event. A grieving mom in Crawford, candlelight vigils in San Francisco and Joe Wilson wailing at the publicity wall in her defense.

527’s like aren’t the most credible of organizations.  They raise unrestricted funding through uncontrolled sources – and aren’t particularly accountable to anyone.  Who takes the blame if they do something unethical – or untruthful? They – by law – aren’t controlled by a political party or a candidate for office. Which means to me that the political hacks that are running the organization year round are free to simply find—or create new causes for their own fund raising and political benefit.

A little media stampede can’t help but raise a nice piece of change for the next political battle?