Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A brilliant Political Strategy

New Orleans could well get those new Category 5 levees.  A 28-foot wall would surround city, but that really won’t be the issue. It is a matter of who gets blame, and who gets credit.

The US Senate is going to take the President’s proposed 50 Billion dollar supplemental appropriation, and raise it. Majority Leader Frist is talking 100 Billion.  That of course pushed the Senate Minority Leader Reid to raise it by another 50 Billion dollars.

Am I hearing this right? They are talking 150 Billion in disaster relief. Do they have to rush into Washington, and pass a blanket appropriation of this level at all? It took just a day, to open the treasury enough to start 10 Billion flowing.

I suppose we are assuming that the private sector disaster recovery programs (insurance) we have won’t comply with their agreements.  Or are we planning to bail out the industry as well?

With much self-blame, the Congress will likely simply turn out their pockets for any request.  Creativity from local officials could certainly get a fortress capable of surviving any hurricane that could ever come close to New Orleans in the next five hundred years.  Of course there’s the need for a new Super Dome and Convention Center too, why use private enterprise opportunities, or tax dollars when you can let the Congress pay the costs without single question?

Any politician in Southeast Louisiana who doesn’t bring at least 10 billion dollars to his/her district is simply a slacker in this current environment ought to be turned out in the next election. Which for house members – is just over a year away.

I suppose there’s a master plan here, but if I knew what it was…. I sure wouldn’t like it.

Update: 6:15pm

New Orleans Congressman calls for $100 Billion for New Orleans.