Monday, September 19, 2005

Is CNN still on the Air?

My remote control doesn't go there anymore.

Stephen Spruiell of NRO’s Media Blog, gave me reason to think about CNN, a week after I had given it up for lost.

Honest, I had taken all of it that I could stand for the next twelve months, and was hoping I wouldn’t have a need to think about Wolf Blitzer and “the Situation Room until the kids are out of college or the next presidential election which ever came first. (I’d only watch it during the ’08 for comedic relief)

But apparently Wolf was interviewing Ted Turner today on the situation room:
Wolf Blitzer just asked Ted Turner if Turner thought there was any "malicious" intent in the federal government's delayed response to Hurricane Katrina. Turner said he didn't think so.
It was a multiple choice question. Blitzer gave Turner "incompetence" or "something malicious" to choose from.
Here's my multiple choice question.

Has CNN's belligerent response to Hurricane Katrina been:

A) Malicious
B) A desperate attempt to improve ratings
C) Hysterical
D) Just dumb
He should have offered

E) All of the above.

Of course on further review:

  1. Malicious would only apply to that part of the CNN schedule assigned to Anderson Cooper.

  2. Desperate attempt to improve ratings – that would be the feckless Situation Room

  3. Hysterical – rising anchoress Kyra Phillips

  4. Just Dumb – continuing to return to CNN in some hope that real journalistic effort might spontaneously develop.

A postscript:

Why on earth put Ted Turner on the air at all? What exactly qualifies him as an expert on any political subject? It is an example of the very thing I hate most about CNN: Ted Turner, Paul Begala and James Carville and questions from anchors that presume a negative answer.