Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Katrina timeline that tells a tale

A Katrina timeline that tells a tale

You think you know all you need to know, from watching the news and scanning the web. And though collectively, we know a lot, you just can’t get a grasp of all that went on, and all that is known until you can see it in some organized fashion.

Rick Moran at Rightwing Nuthouse has put together an outstanding Timeline on the Katrina response.  It is a straightforward break down of the sequence of events and well documented by links and information.

It is a crucial read, if you want a good picture of all that went on. It is long, but worth your time.  

I have spent time trying to put together the levee breech sequence.  I have written a little about the facts surrounding the levee issue and I remain troubled by when and how local residents and the local media were told how serious the levee breech was.