Monday, September 19, 2005

We should all be Pork Busters

Conservatism is more than a mindset and more than words

It is EASY to talk about cutting the federal budget.  But words are a meaningless exercise, unless you can talk specifics.

Simply saying the budget can be cut to pay for the reconstruction in the aftermath won’t cut it.  If we expect the politicians to make hard choices, it really is incumbent on us, to speak with specificity.

Michelle Malkin points out an effort that puts true conservative thinking to a test of practicality. She's posted a little history, and a link to an effort from the Truth laid Bear called Pork busters. There’s a break down of pork by state, a break down of congressional delegation commitments to cut spending, and more.  There’s even a means to identify spending that could be cut to help fund the Katrina disaster recovery costs.

This is an opportunity that was made for the Blogosphere.  It is an opportunity to put words into action.