Saturday, October 01, 2005

"Big Buy" cameraman has a blog!

Star of NRO and Delay Indictments – “Big Buy” cameraman has a blog!

I haven’t had any time to peruse the months of posting, but here’s a man who has had a lot of access to Ronnie Earle over the last 18 months, and has written about it.

A snippet of his post about the Earle and Delay press conferences in Austin that caught my eye:

I have gotten to know Ronnie a slight bit through shooting with Mark on this documentary and also hearing words from friends whose words have value to come the conclusion that Ronnie Earle is one of the good guys. He needs no political clout as he has no political aims, no wish to be senator or governor. He's got nothing to lose and nothing to win other than to do what he believes. And what I've heard him say that what he's after in this situation is to set some of the groundwork for a future series of cases which eventually call into question the legality of whether corporations should be granted "human" status. I believe him.

My emphasis

More evidence that Earle has an interesting agenda.

And, he tells us of Delay’s attorney discussing the waiver of the statute of limitations:

They began to raise the spector that because the actual check was written on Sept 12, 2002, the statute of limitations has officially expired and Delay was "forced" to sign a waiver last month to that effect because he has been "threatened" by Ronnie Earle that if he didn't Earle would have indicted him then and there. By giving Earle more time, Delay was "helping to clear his name."

I find it odd that here’s evidence that the statute of limitations issue was discussed at the Delay press conference in Austin, but no media coverage other than oblique references.

I must be missing something. Or everyone else is. Not sure which.