Saturday, October 15, 2005

Delay Update

There’s much news in this AP story

Here are the highlights without comment

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Attorneys for two co-defendants of Rep. Tom DeLay made it clear Friday they're not in the same rush to get to trial as the former House majority leader and they want to distance themselves in other ways as well.

The defense team for Jim Ellis and John Colyandro is hoping to persuade appeals courts to dismiss the charges. DeLay has said he wants to get to trial as quickly as possible.

Pauerstein and attorney Joe Turner, who represents Colyandro, also said they had no part in television ads that a national conservative organization began running this week criticizing the prosecution of DeLay. Turner said the ads were inappropriate and should be stopped.

"If there was money out there for those kind of ads, we'd ask that it be given to the defense fund and not for some attack ads," Turner said. "We don't think that has any place over here."

Also Friday, defense attorneys asked Perkins to rule on their motion seeking proof of an alleged document detailing the names of Texas legislative candidates who were to receive contributions from the Republican National Committee. Defense attorneys questioned whether the document exists.

Earle left the courtroom without talking to news reporters.

Perkins said he would consider the motion at a Nov. 8 hearing.